Trick questions in a job interview

Trick questions in a job interview

Another classic of interviews, trick questions .

The most important thing when facing any type of question that may arise during the interview is to think about it coldly and try to find out what is the intention with which it is formulated and, based on this, offer the answer that you think is most appropriate.

These are some of the most common “trick” questions , but remember the most important thing is that you answer them as calmly and clearly as possible.

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How would you define yourself in one word?

The main objective of this question is to obtain information about your personality and see if it fits the profile they are looking for. Also thanks to it they can measure your degree of security and self-esteem.

It’s hard to come up with a correct answer, especially if you don’t already know what they’re looking for, so when in doubt, go for a convincing answer that doesn’t sound overly accommodating.

What makes you better than the rest of the candidates for the position?

Again they try to assess your personality and poise. On this occasion you should measure your answer even more so that it does not sound too humble and shy or too arrogant. Try to value your qualities without underestimating the rest.

What do you think about this position compared to the others you are applying for?

It is the star question when they try to assess your degree of sincerity and how active you are in the job search.

Therefore, do not try to speak negatively about other jobs, or to show excessive availability and dependence, as you will achieve the opposite effect to what you expect.

Be honest and as neutral as possible, a response such as “I am considering several options, but I have not yet decided which is the best for my professional future” would be the most appropriate.

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Could you tell us what your weak points are? And your strengths?

The purpose of this question is none other than to assess whether your strengths or weaknesses fit the position you are applying for.

Therefore, the strengths you list should be practical and the weaknesses should have a silver lining, for example, a weakness that over time you have learned to control and improve.

Why do you want to work in our company?

With this they will measure your degree of real interest in working in the company, thus ensuring that you will be committed to the job offer in the event that they select you.

So try to show yourself enthusiastic, committed and how much you have learned about the company and the job.

What kind of colleagues and bosses have you had more or less success with? Why?

This question serves both to assess your way of working in a team and your compatibility with potential bosses and co-workers.

Try to minimize the negative aspects as much as possible and reinforce what stands out in others, always being open to working with a multitude of personalities, in this way you will not be evasive or too complacent.

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Why did you get fired?

In the event that you were fired in your previous job, in addition to wanting to find out about the real circumstances, they seek to know the attitude with which you are going to face your new job, in short, what your attitude is and how motivated you are.

Just describe the reasons and leave aside any kind of feeling.

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