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UNIABUJA Increases School Fees – 2023

An upward increase in school fees has been announced by the management of the University of Abuja (UNIABUJA) in an effort to provide quality education to its students. The Vice Chancellor of the university addressed the university community, explaining the reasons behind the decision and the steps taken to ensure the fees are fair and reasonable.

UNIABUJA’s Notice on Review of Fees

The Vice-Chancellor explained that a committee had been working on the fee review for nearly a year, taking into account the rising inflation and comparing fees with other federal universities. Faculty deans and department heads presented their proposals, aiming to provide practical experiences and necessary resources for their academic programs.

The university’s goal is to offer world-class education at an affordable cost. Despite the increased fees, ranging from N82,000 per year for arts programs to N225,000 per session for medicine, UNIABUJA is determined to provide a standard education that is respected globally.

Inclusive Decision-Making Process

The committee responsible for the fee review, led by the University Bursary, included representatives from the Students Affairs Unit, Student Union Government, and other stakeholders. The Vice-Chancellor emphasized that the increased fees reflect the national inflation and the university’s determination to ensure students receive a first-class education.

Campus Improvements and Services

The university has been working on various campus improvements, such as computer laboratories, sports facilities, library upgrades, and student support services. These enhancements aim to provide a better learning environment and experience for all students.

Scholarship Opportunities

UNIABUJA is working on instituting scholarship programs for students in need and those who demonstrate exceptional skills and brilliance. The Vice-Chancellor encouraged well-to-do students to motivate their parents to establish scholarships at the university, targeted towards specific groups or disciplines.

A Call for Peaceful Dialogue

The Vice-Chancellor appealed to students not to engage in violent protests over the fee increase, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and understanding. He also assured that the university is ready to discuss concerns and work together to maintain a peaceful and progressive academic environment.




The University of Abuja’s decision to increase school fees aims to provide a high-quality education for its students amidst rising inflation and challenges. With campus improvements, scholarship opportunities, and a commitment to dialogue, the university is dedicated to ensuring that its students graduate with knowledge, power, and pride.

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