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UNIDEL Inter/Intra Faculty Transfer Opportunities for Students

The University of Delta State (UNIDEL), Agbor has provided an opportunity for all students who have been unable to maintain the cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) required by their different faculties and wish to move to another faculty within the university.

This opportunity is made available through the  inter/intra faculty transfer forms for students.

Reasons for UNIDEL  Inter/Intra Faculty Transfer:

There are various reasons why a student may decide to apply for an inter/intra faculty transfer, including:

  1. Inability to maintain the minimum CGPA required by their current faculty.
  2. Change of interest or passion for a different course of study.
  3. Personal or health-related issues that necessitate a change in academic focus.

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Procedure for Obtaining the Transfer Form:

Students interested in applying for an inter/intra faculty transfer are advised to contact the Deputy Registrar (D/R) of the Examinations and Records Division for the collection of the necessary form. Additional information and guidance on the transfer process will also be provided at the Examinations and Records Division.

Benefits of Inter/Intra Faculty Transfer:

  1. Students can pursue their desired course of study in a faculty that better aligns with their interests and capabilities.
  2. Transfers can provide an opportunity for students to improve their academic performance in a new faculty.
  3. Students can develop new skills and knowledge in a different academic discipline.


The University of Delta State (UNIDEL) understands that students may face challenges in their academic journey, and the inter/intra faculty transfer process is designed to provide a supportive and flexible environment for students to succeed. If you are a student at UNIDEL and wish to explore the possibility of transferring to another faculty, contact the Deputy Registrar (D/R) of the Examinations and Records Division for further assistance and information.


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