Union Bank Code to transfer money and buy airtime without Internet

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc is a commercial bank in Nigeria. It has been operating in Nigeria since 1917.

Union Bank is a large commercial bank, serving individuals, small and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations and organizations.

In July 2009, it was rated the 556th largest bank in the world and the 14th largest bank in Africa. As of Mar 31, 2018, the bank’s asset base was estimated at NGN1, 381 billion (US$4.1billion).

The shareholders’ equity at that time was estimated at NGN286 billion (US$851 million).

Union Bank'S Principal Owner 'Considering Sale Of 50% Stake'

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So far, we’ve all heard and seen many banks in Nigeria making banking much easier for their customers to do money transfer by introducing their various banking apps which are downloaded in android, iOS

devices  but considering the app would require one to have data subscription and  many people don’t have such devices, I’m pretty sure it was issue.

Later on, a much more convenient way was created through the use of USSD codes  which is better because it doesn’t require internet, airtime and can be done from home.

So good news for all Union Bank customers, for Union Bank has finally introduced the USSD code for transfer services, this allows their customers to transfer any amount of money from their account to

another, check their balance, top up airtime and even create an account with the Bank.

It’s faster, simpler and smarter. Why go through all the stress of going to the bank, when you can bank on- the- go.

Eager to just know the code and get started on this stress free mobile banking transfers from now on, right?. You’re in the right place then.

The Union Bank Code is *826#.

The benefits of the Using the code;

  • Able to check your balance
  • Transfers from your account to same bank or other banks .
  • Airtime Top ups/Recharge your phone or for others on all networks.
  • Pay your bills.
  • Check your account number.
  • Saves you the time and stress from going to the bank.

Union Bank Nigeria Plc Issues Disclaimer Against Purported Sale Of Owner'S  Stake - Nairametrics

How To Use The USSD Code;

Before enjoying the benefits, you would first have to register the code.

Please note registering  on *826# is  completely free.

Just dial the code to register. The registration is only done  after you dial the numbers for the first time.

Thereafter which select the option ‘Mobile Banking’ and enter your account number.

You will be required to create a  4 digit PIN for cardless withdrawal transactions. As simple as that.

NEXT You MUST Increase your Transfer Limit by Dialing *826*8# and enter your ATM CVV Code (Last 3 digits behind Card) and Also your ATM PIN

Note:  You must register with the mobile number you use in line with the bank.


To buy airtime for yourself, simply dial *826*amount# or if for another person dial *826*amount*recipient’s number#, select the number it belongs to, thereafter which you will be asked to enter your 4 digits PIN number  to confirm purchase.

If successful, a message will be sent to you.


To transfer funds, dial *826*1*amount*account no#. Confirm the name you’re sending to is correct. Then your 4 digit PIN will be required to complete the transaction.

Thereafter which you will receive a message alert confirming the transaction successful.


  • Dial *826*2*amount*account no#
  • Select the bank you are transferring to (1,2,3 etc)
  • Confirm the name of the person and amount is correct.
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN. A message will be sent to your registered number showing the transaction successful.

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