What are Dental Plans in the US

This is an industry that sells dental insurance policies . Dental plans are ideal for covering the costs of dental care ; These costs range from basic preventive coverage to major dental work. Although, as with any insurer, your level of coverage will depend exclusively on the dental plan you buy. It is important to mention that dental policies also have some exceptions that you should discuss with your policy issuer.

The products and services covered by the broad dental plan industry:

Compensation plans.
Plan for the organization of suppliers of dental material.
Capitation plans.
Government insurance.

The activities of the dental plan industry are:

Subscription of dental policies.
Management of dental health providers and patients. (Network of dentists nationwide).
Management of self-funded dental insurance plans.

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What Does Dental Insurance Cover in the US?

Dental plans generally cover basics such as: dental cleanings , preventive care, crowns and fillings. Although, some dental insurance also covers a part of orthodontics, periodontics and prosthodontics. It is important to mention that dental insurance generally does not cover cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers or teeth whitening.

As with other types of insurance, dental plans require you to pay a monthly insurance premium. In fact, in some cases you need to pay an annual or lifetime deductible . However, you have nothing to worry about because dental insurance also offers a co-pay service.

We must tell you that dental plans work differently compared to health insurance; at least in terms of the type of coverage you can receive. Well, dental insurance plans often have annual limits as low as $750 or $1,000 per person. So once you reach your maximum annual benefit amount, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for any dental work you want to have.

Important : Before applying for dental plans, make sure you don’t confuse conventional insurance with discount dental plans. Remember that discount dental plans only offer reduced prices on services with dentists in a specific medical network.

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How Does Dental Insurance Work?

What do dental policies include?

Dental insurance plans can vary widely, and based on this the issuer decides what to include and what not to include. For this reason, it is very important to read the terms and conditions of any plan you are considering before making a formal application. In this way, you can ensure that basic care, as well as major services such as crowns and bridges, are included in your coverage.

Most dental insurance plans cover preventive care such as:

Cleanings and x-rays . (Although in some cases they require waiting periods)
Endodontics .
Dental extractions. (In this case, normally the policy only covers 50% of the total cost).
Important : You can also purchase dental coverage that includes specific services such as: Crowns, bridges, dental implants and orthodontics. Although, plans that cover important services tend to cost more and cap payment at 50% of the total cost .

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What Does Dental Coverage Exclude?

Dental insurance does not normally cover the following procedures:

Teeth whitening .
missing teeth (You may find some policy that covers it but they are scarce).
Dental implants . Also known as porcelain or resin veneers.
Smile designs and their derivatives.
Orthodontic maintenance.
How Much Do Dental Plans Cost in the US?
The cost of dental insurance varies based on where you live, your age and the plan you select. However, it is possible to find a plan that costs less than $20 per month for one person; always taking into account the state or county of your residence. It’s critical to note that the least expensive dental insurance plans tend to cover only a small percentage of services; likewise, they have really low annual benefit limits. Therefore, the most robust plans can easily cost more than $40 to $60 per month .

On the other hand, if your employer offers dental plans as part of a benefits package, it’s usually cheaper than buying it on your own. Like health insurance, you must pay a monthly premium and meet a previously established deductible. In some cases, deductibles can be as low as $50 a month . However, the number of covered services per year may be capped at $1,000 or $1,500.

Important : In some cases, dental plan benefits are exclusive to certain medical networks. So, ask about this point before buying the policy.

Is it worth paying for dental insurance?
Only you can decide if dental insurance is worth paying for . However, it is important that you take the time to perform a cost analysis and determine how much you would pay for dental insurance premiums, co-payments and deductibles per year; After this, it is essential that you make a comparison between various insurance issuers and the dental care payments that you made in previous years.

Today, experts say it’s much cheaper to pay for dental care out of your own pocket; but not through an insurer. However, each lifestyle can be completely different. Remember, dental insurance usually covers only part of the procedures and preventive care you need. So if you only require a dental plan for annual checkups and cleanings, you’re better off paying the bills yourself. However, if it is a root canal or outpatient surgery, it is best to use a dental plan.

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