YABATECH Courses And Admission Requirements 2022/2023 (Full list)

Looking to study at YABATECH in 2022/2023? Wondering what courses and requirements you’ll need to meet?

Look no further! 

This post explains everything you need to know about YABATECH Courses 2022 and their requirements and the list of courses offered in Yaba College Of Technology.

YABATECH Departments, Faculties, Institutes, Part-time, Arts, Social, Management, Medical, Education, Environmental and Engineering courses.

Also, the comprehensive list of courses offered in YABATECH and all you need to know about Yaba College Of Technology undergraduate and Postgraduate courses and programmes.

We’ll give you all the information you need to know about YABATECH courses and requirements, YABATECH courses and subject combination 2022.

You’ll also get a list of all the undergraduate courses offered at YABATECH so that you can make an informed decision about your studies.


Yaba College of Technology, the cradle of higher education in Nigeria. Yaba College of Technology was established in 1947 as an immediate successor to Yaba Higher College.

It attained autonomous status in 1969 by virtue of Decree 23 which granted it the mandate to provide full time and part-time courses of instruction and training in technology, applied science, commerce and
management and in such other fields of applied learning relevant to the needs of the development of Nigeria in the areas of industrial and agricultural production and distribution; and for research in the
development and adaptation of techniques.

Yaba College of Technology is located in Yaba area of Lagos state, Nigeria. From the MM2 international airport Lagos, take a taxi straight down to the college, located directly opposite to WAEC yaba office and
Military hospital Yaba.

Lifestyle Of Yabatech – Towns To Villages

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After reading this article, you’ll learn more about programmes available for YABATECH undergraduates and postgraduate students/Post UTME Candidates.

YABATECH new and old courses along with their respective admission requirements.

Top 10 courses to study at YABATECH, Yaba College Of Technology competitive, less competitive, marketable and profitable courses.

Furthermore, you’ll know all the courses offered at YABATECH, cut-off marks for each course, and how to choose the right course before registering for JAMB (UTME) or YABATECH Post-UTME screening.

Finally, a student’s guide to YABATECH courses, and the ultimate guide to getting into your dream course at Yaba College Of Technology.

Please note that all the YABATECH courses available on this page are accredited, approved and recognized by the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Yaba College Of Technology (YABATECH) is one of the best universities in Nigeria with over 110 Degree courses and programmes.

Currently, YABATECH is among the top-ranking schools in Nigeria and is internationally recognised.

Yabatech Courses And Requirements 2022/2023 (Full List)

YABATECH Courses And Requirements 2022/2023

List Of Yaba College Of Technology Courses And Programmes include:

1.          Accountancy
2.          Public Administration
3.          Education / Fine Art
4.          Education And Biology
5.          Education And Chemistry
6.          Mass Communication
7.          Arts And Industrial Design
8.          Nutrition And Dietetics
9.          Home Economics And Education
10.       Industrial Technical Education
11.       Business Education
12.       Electrical / Electronic Engineering
13.       Civil Engineering
14.       Petroleum Engineering
15.       Computer Engineering
16.       Banking And Finance
17.       Surveying And Geo-informatics
18.       Office Technology And Management
19.       Leisure And Tourism Management
20.       Business Administration And Management
21.       Hospitality Management
22.       Business Administration & Management
23.       Marketing
24.       Education And Mathematics
25.       Education And Physics
26.       Urban And Regional Planning
27.       Soil Science
28.       Education And Integrated Science
29.       Computer Science
30.       Statistics
31.       Hausa / Social Studies
32.       Hausa / Islamic Studies
33.       Quantity Surveying
34.       Polymer Technology
35.       Printing Technology
36.       Chemical Engineering Technology
37.       Science Laboratory Technology
38.       Building Technology
39.       Welding And Fabrication Technology
40.       Civil Engineering Technology
41.       Architectural Technology
42.       Agricultural Technology
43.       Textile Technology
44.       Agricultural And Bio-environmental Engineering / Technology
45.       Electrical / Electronic Engineering Technology
46.       Industrial Education Technology
47.       Industrial Maintenance Engineering Technology
48.       Food Technology
49.       Fashion Design And Clothing Technology
50.       Marine Engineering Technology
51.       Mechanical Engineering Technology
52.       Mechatronics Engineering Technology
53.       Metallurgical Engineering Technology
54.       Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technology
55.       Estate Management And Valuation


Now that you know YABATECH courses and requirements for 2022/2023, let’s take a look at YABATECH’s competitive and less competitive courses.

YABATECH Competitive Courses 

Competitive Courses offered in YABATECH Are:

1.          Accountancy
2.          Public Administration
3.          Education And Biology
4.          Mass Communication
5.          Nutrition And Dietetics
6.          Electrical / Electronic Engineering
7.          Civil Engineering
8.          Petroleum Engineering
9.          Computer Engineering
10.       Banking And Finance
11.       Business Administration And Management
12.       Hospitality Management
13.       Business Administration & Management
14.       Computer Science
15.       Science Laboratory Technology

Top 10 Courses To Study At YABATECH

Profitable And Best courses to Study At Yaba College Of Technology:

1.          Accounting
2.          Public Administration
3.          Mass Communication
4.          Business Management
5.          Civil Engineering
6.          Computer Engineering
7.          Computer Science
8.          Hospitality Management
9.          Computer Science
10.       Science Laboratory Science

However, if your JAMB score or aggregate is not good for these courses please consider another course.

The reason is simple; No Yaba College Of Technology course is useless.

Yabatech Releases Cut-Off Marks For 2020/2021 Session The Nation Newspaper

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Ultimate Guide To Getting Into Your Dream Course At YABATECH

  1. For a start, have at least 5 Credits in either WAEC Or NECO at First Sitting, not more than Two Sittings.
  2. Target a High JAMB score.
  3. Target a high Post UTME score if adopted for the admission year.
  4. Apply for Courses that are less competitive if your aggregate score is below average.
  5. Have two courses in mind such as Professional Courses or Career Courses for supplementary purposes.
  6. Know how to calculate YABATECH Admission aggregate Points.
  7. Understand YABATECH Admission Catchment areas and ELDS. This will help you to determine or know your chances of gaining admission.
  8. As a Direct entry candidate, If you don’t have Upper credits in your A’level result don’t apply for competitive courses because you may likely not get it.

NB: Before choosing to study any course in YABATECH please consider Important factors such as your passions and interests, your desired salary, Job market outlook, Work/life balance, and Opportunities for growth and development.

Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right course for you:

1. Ask yourself why?

Why do you plan to continue your studies? Are you looking forward to achieving something valuable and meaningful?

Try to set an outcome that you’re expecting to see in three to five years. For a high school leaver, your goal should be to obtain a higher education qualification that can boost your job search and career growth.

You can discuss your study options with your family, school seniors and counsellor. Their advice will be of great help!

2. What are your interests?

Art stream or science stream? They branch out to different fields and eventually, courses and career pathways.

It is crucial to know what are your interests to ensure you choose a course that you’ll enjoy learning about.

List down courses related to your interests and visualise your future self studying and working in those fields.

3. Consider the most important factors

Tertiary studies involve many factors. You need to first identify the key factors that are related to you as an individual:

  • Money: How much are you willing to spend?
  • Duration: How long do you want to spend studying?
  • Subject: Which course will provide you with the skills that you’ve always wanted to learn?
  • Employability: Will this course contribute to your employment and career growth?

4. Prioritise what is important to you

Try to stick with your decision and don’t shift your choices. Shortlist three best courses you are planning to study and compare them with different variables.

They could be the job opportunitypractical and theoretical experienceinternships, tuition fees and more.

5. Take a reality check

This is where you have to give yourself a reality check before deciding. Can you afford the tuition fees? If you plan to study abroad, you also need to weigh on the travel expenditure and living cost.

Besides that, you are also required to score certain qualifications before you can apply to certain courses.

Also, if you scored well in your exams, you can apply for scholarships to financially support your journey as a student.

6. Future career opportunity

You don’t want to pursue your studies with zero clue of your future career pathway. Although the future is uncertain, you can start planning a guide ahead of time.

If your major promises a good career opportunity, that is a good sign to go for it.

7. Narrow down your options

Keep in mind that every course has different specialisations. For example, Engineering is divided into different areas like Civil Engineering, Software Engineering, Aviation and more.

Carefully identify which one suits your area of interest.

Once you have gotten all the information, narrow down your options to 4 or 5 specialisations.

Review the pros and cons based on the research you made. Don’t forget to consider your opinions and advice you received from your family and counsellors.

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